Consular Section of the Embassy of Mongolia takes this opportunity to inform you that Mongolian visa regulation has been updated by the Government decision on 23 May, 2018 and will take effect on 1st of July, 2018,

The revised visa regulation is aimed at promoting tourism to Mongolia and has included several changes that we hope will facilitate and make it easier for tourists coming to Mongolia. Under the new regulation, the main changes include:

  • Tourists who are coming from countries or regions where there is no Mongolian diplomatic presence or honorary consuls who don’t issue visas are eligible to obtain on-arrival visas at the airport in Ulaanbaatar or border points.
  • Transit visas can also be applied at Mongolian borders if the applicant has an onward flight/train ticket or obtained a visa of the country he or she plans to visit after Mongolia. (Transit visa allows for a stay up to 10 days in Mongolia)

With regards to the visa requirements, only minor changes have been made and honorary consuls who issue visas can ask the following documents from applicants who are travelling for tourism:

  • Passport
  • 3.5×4.5 photo (the size of the photo is mandatory)
  • Hotel booking or accommodation information
  • Flight, train tickets
  • Bank statements (if necessary)

The same requirement will be imposed on on-arrival visa applicants.

As for the updated visa application form that is attached hereto, we have introduced several changes in the part to be filled by visa officers in order to make it clearer and align with international practice.

You may translate the English texts into the language that is commonly used in your consular district.

I advise you to use the revised visa application form immediately and for more instructions or questions, please contact the Mongolian embassy accredited to your region.